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For plasma/LCD/LED TVs and PC monitors
Adjustable sensitivity
On/Off button
LED indicator

EMR Diagnostika is non-contact plasma sustain board and LCD (including LED-lit) inverter detector. By placing EMR Diagnostika onto the flexible tape carrying the sustain pulse in a plasma TV, the device provides an immediate indication if the sustain board is working. Similarly for an LCD TV or a PC monitor, simply place the device on the inverter transformer/driver to test if it is working. EMR Diagnostika may also be used to test power transistors in a switched-mode power supply (SMPS).





Training Notes

These training notes takes you from A to B in a very logical and simple steps culminating in exploring various fault finding techniques:

LCD Diagnostic Techniques

Explains the construction and workings of a LCD panel, LCD TV receivers including LED type) and outline a procedure for fault finding.

Plasma panel power generation

This is an extract from Newnes Guide to Television and Video Technology. It identifies the different components of a plasma power board and explains their operation including resonant converters that drives the plasma panel.

Plasma TV Diagnostic Techniques

This piece explains the principles behind plasma panels, their construction and operation. It provides a detailed account of the drive requirements of a plasma panel, the architecture of modern plasma TVs outlining typical faults and providing a logical fault finding technique.


This 42-page booklet explains the principles behind 3D technology and its application to TV broadcasting and reception including the various types of 3D display devices.

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